1/7/21 Yellow Ball Event Pairings


Good morning. I hope everyone had a great holiday and we’re all looking forward to a great 2021. Tomorrow we will be playing a yellow ball event where the yellow ball alternates between every player in the group. An order has to be made before you tee off. The winning score will be the team with the lowest net score for the day. It should be a beautiful day tomorrow.


Thank you,




7:50 AM- Teri Krugman, Suzy Robinson, Youmi Kwon
8:00 AM- Gretchen Tunkey, Beverly Stone, Lisa Coello, Mindy Wilner
8:10 AM- Nancy Phillips, Paula Linden, Maria Cornelissen, Nancy Martens
8:20 AM- Lisa Egizi, Norma Aimo, Wendy Sullivan, Carolyn Miller
8:30 AM- Cristina Delgado, Lee Ann Palomo, Kate Trotman, Margo Banks