We have enjoyed 70+ years here at the BWGA…

Weekly Golf Events

We have golf events scheduled every week with various formats to challenge our members and allow them to compete.  All events are by signup…

Member Guest Tournaments and Events

So you have a guest you want to invite, we got you covered.  We have Member Guest tournaments and gatherings.

More than just weekly golf!

Besides having the opportunity to show off your golf skills, enjoy the community and participating in social events throughout the year.

Perfect 19th Hole!

After a fun round of golf you can always enjoy some excellent food and beverages at the 19th hole.

Biltmore Golf Course

The Biltmore course will complete its renovation in December, 2018 and will provide one of the best venues in South Florida for Amateur golfers to compete.

Challenging Tournament Formats

The formats for the tournaments are a blend of individual competitions. Partner and team events including Low Putts & $5 Money Ball, throw out your highest score, blind pairings and a whole lot more…

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